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About the Department

In year 2012, School of Studies in Biotechnology was established at Bastar Vishwavidyalaya under the faculty of Life Sciences with the aim to disseminate modern and technical knowledge among the students of Bastar region. The department aspires to keep improving its infrastructure facilities, including instrumentation in the modern areas of Biotechnology and contribute to the progress of skilled man-power to exhilarate educational and socio-economic status of people in the Bastar region and the country as a whole. The department offers a two year M.Sc. degree course in Biotechnology. The objective of the department is to provide excellent teaching and  practical facilities in the frontier areas of Biotechnology.


Vision of the School

1. To raise holistic and value based bio-technocrats and entrepreneurs who develop processes and products for the betterment of the community and environment.

2. To produce Biotechnology professionals with leadership quality in technology, creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship and to launch this school as “Centre of Brilliance” in terms of both teaching and research in the realm of Biotechnology.

3. To focus on situations with social concern that will address the problems of humanity through teaching, research and extension in socially relevant areas.        


Mission of the School

1. To raise students with academic excellence, professional competence with good ethics.

2. To unearth key to human problems in areas relating to health care, food, water etc., through scientific, social and technological research.

3. To provide state of the art outcome-based teaching/learning practices.

4. To develop and provide advanced theoretical and practical training in a research-based education model in biotechnology to produce high quality professionals.

5. To make the teaching-learning process more effective, transparent and interesting by incorporating latest aids/facilities.


Programs Offered/Admission Procedure

M.Sc. Biotechnology: 2 Years (4 Semesters); As per University Ordinance and through Merit basis.


Program Outcomes

1. The students will have strong knowledge in the field of Biotechnology and applied sciences.

2. The students will be imparted with job related skills in the field of Biotechnology by means of awareness on bioethical practices.

3. It will promote lifelong learning process for a successful professional career in industries and research organizations leading to successful employability.


Thrust Areas of Research

1. Microbial Biotechnology

2. Environmental Biotechnology

3. Bio-fertilizer & Mushroom Technology

4. Bioprocess Engineering & Technology

5. Medical Biotechnology

6. Plant and Animal Biotechnology


Academic Achievements

Students of the school are honored by securing recognition at various National and State level conferences.


Laboratory Facilities

Specific instrument amenities are available such as Laminar Flow, pH Meter, Spectrophotometer, Weighing Machine, Hot Air Oven, Bacteriological Incubator, CO2 Incubator, Freeze, Colony Counter, Simple Microscope, Compound Microscope,  Inverted Microscope, Hot Plate, Water Bath, Haemocytometer, Magnetic Stirrer, Homogenizer, Computer Facility etc.


Departmental Library

A rich departmental library with featured books of international authors related to Microbial Biotechnology, Bioprocess Engineering & Technology, Medical Biotechnology, Environmental Biotechnology and Analytical Techniques. There are a good number of books on text and reference cadre which are the products of renowned foreign and Indian authors and publishers. Library also host all the previously held university examination question papers and current syllabus on the library portal. Additionally, the library has collection of the student’s dissertation work of past 5 years. The library is also equipped with wi-fi facility to access the online journals.


Extracurricular Activities

Field visits and seminars are organized by the school for the development of scientific disposition in students. 


Alumni Association of Biotechnology

The Alumni Association is under process. Most of the alumnus is working in various Government and private organizations.






Head of Department

School of Studies in Biotechnology

Bastar University Jagdalpur

Bastar, Chhattisgarh

India - 492010