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Enlightened emancipated and empowered teacher lead communities and nation towards better and higher quality of life. Teachers are accepted to create social cohesion, national integration and learning society. They disseminate knowledge and also generate new knowledge therefore, it becomes essential for any nation to give necessary professional inputs to its teacher. Bastar University pursues the curriculum for its pre services teacher training program for the benefits of this area.


In order to impart knowledge and training to this area of Bastar , the department of education was establish in the year 2014in Bastar Vishwavidyalaya the school of studies in education aim at the integral formalities of prospective teacher for the establishment of a just a human society. We visualize the overall development of would be teacher who will be the store house of knowledge and with this potential knowledge, they will have the unlimited abilities and capacities to spread the wisdom all around.


  1. Imparting & creating teaching competence in prospective teacher.
  2. Building core teaching competence in prospective teacher.
  3. Developing skill for information processing & lifelong learning.
  4. Undertaking action research & applied research at grassroots level.
  5. Keeping place with information & communication technology.
  6. Cultivating human & spiritual value.
  7. To impart innovative methods to the student.



  • To be empowered in subject content and pedagogy.
  • To develop an understanding of the contemporary Indian Society, with special reference to education.
  • To be able to interact with children from diverse socio economic and diverse back grounds.
  • To be able to use learner centered teaching methods as such and with modification in future.
  • To develop an understanding of paradigm shift in conceptualizing disciplinary knowledge in school curriculum.
  • To identify the challenging and overcoming gender inequalities in school, classroom, curricula, textbook, social institutions, etc.
  • To create sensitivity about language diversity in classroom and its role in teaching learning process.
  • To enable student-teachers to acquire necessary competencies for organizing learning experiences.
  • To develop competencies among student-teachers to select and use appropriate assessment strategies for facilitating learning.
  • To engage student-teachers with self, child, community and school to establish close connections between different curricular areas.
  • To enable student-teachers to integrate and apply ICT in facilitating teaching-learning process and in school management.
  • To systematize experiences and strengthening the professional competencies of student teachers, and - to provide first-hand experience of all the school activities.

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School of Studies in Education

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